Our Officers

The Second Continental Light Dragoons had a relatively stable set of field command officers. In fact for the entire duration of the American Revolution there were only four such officers. The history on each is brief to give you a general idea of their role within the regiment.

Colonel Elisha Sheldon

Served in the Connecticut Light Horse from 1774 until his Continental service began in 1776. He was Major commandant of the 5th Connecticut Light Horse and served as Washington’s eyes during the retreat across New Jersey. As a result of his actions and interaction working with the Philadelphia Light Horse, he gained the admiration for his duty by Washington. Appointed Colonel commandant by order of General Washington on December 12, 1776 and served as commander of the Second Dragoons until the end of the American Revolution.

Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Blagden

Appointed Major on December 24, 1776 while in the field in Pennsylvania. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel upon the completion of the initial enlistments of men for the 2nd Regiment of Light Dragoons. He served actively until his resignation on August 1, 1779. He had served with Sheldon’s Horse since 1775.

Lieutenant Colonel John Jameson

Appointed originally to the 1st Light Dragoons in 1777 and served actively until July 1779. He was promoted and transferred to the 2nd Light Dragoons in August of 1779 following the opening left by Blagden’s resignation. He served actively in Sheldon’s Dragoons until the end of the war in 1783.

Major Benjamin Tallmadge

Originally served in the state troops of Connecticut as a Lieutenant and fought at White Plains with the Connecticut Line. Appointed as Captain to the Second Dragoons on December 14, 1776. Served as aide to Colonel Sheldon during the initial mustering of the regiment at Wethersfield, Connecticut in March of 1777. Appointed to Major on April 7, 1777 upon the completion of the initial enlistments of men for the 2nd Regiment of Light Dragoons. Of special note is that also served as Spy master for General Washington and established the first secret service of the United States at Washington’s command. As a result of this activity he served often on detached duty from the regiment with his own command known as ” Tallmadge’s troops” and many other harsher names by his enemies. His command was drawn from militia, whaleboat men, and 16 dragoons detached from Colonel Sheldon. He served actively in the field until the end of the war.